The Company

AG Engineering Group is a leading consulting engineering company specializing in mechanical and sustainable design services. Utilizing integrated expertise in engineering, design, energy solutions, and construction management, we create technically superior designs for our clients. With over 30 years of practical experience and hundreds of completed designs and built projects, we have the knowledge and skill necessary to meet and exceed your schedule and design requirements.

The overriding goal of AG Engineering Group is to provide quality in all our services that embrace the needs of the client while planning for the future. No matter the scale, our mechanical systems are planned to lessen their impact on the surroundings and maximize efficiency. Sustainability is a requirement. With the technological landscape constantly changing, innovation and alternative thinking in terms of equipment and systems are crucial and cannot be ignored. However, to ensure success, this approach must be tempered with proven designs to provide functional systems optimized to meet the situation.


Our philosophy is to serve our client, which means we are a proactive member of the design team, active in presenting system options and creative solutions. Our success in this endeavor is measured primarily by the satisfaction of our clients. Our goal is to complete every design with the best solution for our clients, on time, and within the budget. We strongly believe that quality, accuracy and consistency are the principal attributes necessary for engineering.

Design Approach

A successful and coordinated project requires careful investigation and research into the project’s requirements. Therefore, we will work closely and openly with facility personnel, members of the design team and all parties involved determining the priorities of both the design intent and the construction budget. This is an ongoing requirement, as the design unfolds, and an area to which we remain attentive throughout. Energy efficiency and life cycle cost are paramount to a sustainable design. Analysis must be carefully considered to determine the best solution to fit the Owners’ needs and budget. Sustainable design principles are incorporated into all of our designs. Our role is to be an active member of the design team and to help identify and promote energy efficient designs and conservation of natural resources while remaining attentive to budgetary constraints.

Our Core Services include:

  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems, Pre-Action, Gases
  • Complete Plumbing Systems Design
  • Building Automation and Control Systems
  • Medical Gas Systems
  • Industrial and Laboratory Humidity and Temperature Control Systems
  • Water, Air Pollution and Exhaust Control Systems
  • Sustainable Design, LEED
  • Project Feasibility Studies and Reports
  • Design Assist & Peer Reviews
  • Facility Assessment Reports
  • Emergency Distribution
  • Power Distribution
  • Lighting / Lighting Control
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Low-voltage Design
  • Commissioning

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